MineEye Challenge


I could not be happier with the response I am seeing to this month’s MineEye Challenge. I love seeing authors set aside their work for a few minutes to fill in the bingo card! Please, take a minute to look through a few of the #MineEyeChallenge posts and share your fellow Indie Authors.

I would like to take a minute to answer a few of the questions I have seen come through my email, ursulalygarlis@gmail.com, about the challenge.

Q: How long will we be able to enter the challenge?
A: Each author challenge will run for a month. This will not be a calendar month but mid-month to mid-month opposite the monthly MineEye £20 Amazon vouche
Capturechar giveaway. Therefore, the last day to enter the February MineEyeChallenge is March 15.

Q: How often can I enter?
A: One entry per day per social media platform. Just be sure you email me the links so I can throw your name in the hat.

Q: Can authors outside MineEye participate?
A: Of course! The more the merrier. I only ask that authors who are not currently part of MineEye take a look at the website and consider a subscription as this challenge has been created with the promotion of MineEye in mind. 

Q: Will you please provide and editable version of the bingo card?
A: Because I made the bingo card in PhotoShop, I decided to make a blank card in Word where the boxes could be filled in. It is not nearly as pretty as the original, but it will do the trick! editable bingo card (.docx) 



There is still plenty of time to enter! Fill in the card, post it to your social media accounts using #MineEyeChallenge and tag @UrsulaLygarlis. Then email me your links! UrsulaLygarlis@gmail.com.

Download your card!



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