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My number one question for Ms. Snyder what was the inspiration behind the Twin Cities series. Her answer:

Drew Avera is a big Jim Butcher fan and he loves how each of his books continues on a very big arc, while each book has its own arc. That takes a lot of talent to pull off and Drew started to wonder how he could do something similar without having to publish twenty books in a series when he already have several series titles that he was working on. The idea he came up with was to not do the series alone, but rather to enlist the help of writer friends he’d made along the way.

That’s where I came in. Drew approached and several other author. We started with a core group of people who brainstormed together with over a thousand emails on how to build the world we called The Realms. I’m pretty sure had I not deleted a bulk of those emails then gmail would have crashed. What came from those initial story ideas were stories set in the same world, using some of the same characters, while writing from the point of view of each individual author’s main character(s). Does it sound confusing? Trust me when I say we had a lot of details to work out.

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This morning, I decided to do a little more digging on Miss Snyder, which can be a little tricky and difficult as she surrounds herself with dragons. Eep! I found that her blog is most interesting, no wonder she has so many followers! In my experience as an avid reader, I have found that most author blogs are either shrines to themselves or book review sites. Unlike some of these lesser authors, Snyder takes the time to update her blog weekly with original material! It’s amazing, I tell you.

Threat of the Fire Demon premiered in November and is currently in it’s tenth installment. Each week, a new chapter appears! This original story appears to be

Greetings my fine reading friends. Today we start a new paranormal story. Let me take you back to The Realms where creatures humans think are paranormal, mythical or fanciful actually live.

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Here is what Theresa Snyder said when asked about this project.

Threat of the Fire Demon started out as an exploration into the backstory of the Fire Demon in the trilogy. It has swept me away and what the readers will have here when it is finished is the glimpse of a first draft of a novel. I do intend to pull this one, tidy it up and publish it as part of the series. However, it might not be the ‘next’ one published. I left the two main characters hanging in book three and need to finish off their relationship before The Realms goes through a metamorphosis later in the year at the hands of Drew and JB.

I will admit, I have not read any of the books in the series. I know just as much as you! I plan to read Snyder’s first book, Shifting in the Realms, and posting a review here in the very near future. I suggest you check back with me over the next few days and see how that goes. There may even be a surprise waiting!

For more information about the series and to see other author’s involved.


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