Calling all Authors

I don’t know why but I suddenly have the catch phrase to Super Why stuck in my head. I have been letting Maximus watch way to many cartoons lately! (Don’t fret. We stick to the educational ones. Even a puppy needs positive influence.)

To my point! I have created this blog for you! The author’s of MineEye and the readers. When I was first appointed Promotional Manager of MineEye, I said it was a place for authors to meet there readers through promotion and collaboration. At that time, we were still in Phase I, the acquisition of authors to build up the MineEye store. With the store bursting at the seams, it’s time to move on!

This week, I have rolled out another phase of this MineEye collaboration. I have created a blog and a newspaper, MineEye Daily, where authors can come together with their readers to see what’s new and relevant in the reading/writing world.


I would like to consider myself the Hermione of the MineEye world. You will find me nagging readers to look into our site and read our authors all over the social media world. I am no longer confined to the euphemistic walls of Twitter! I have begun to build the Lygalis Empire, (Yes, Gongle. I will be bigger than even you my star studded sidekick.) and can now be found on Google+ and Goodreads as well!

I do ask your help as you are the author being promoted. If you have any guest blog material you would like to see appear here, simply wrap it up in a neat little package and send it over to I do ask that you first obtain your subscription to MineEye and upload your book to the site as this service falls into the promotional services offered through that subscription.

Lastly, be sure to find me on any and all social media platforms! Tag away and I will share, retweet, copy and paste… Whatever the media site allows!

Happy Friday and Good Luck in your writing! tumblr_neu98gy0891sk8ugso1_500



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