P.A. Davies

Gongle Shanks sent me a message that read something like, “P.A. Davies is a great guy! Do a little post about him.” I thought, “I guess I’ll pencil it in!” It’s not often I say anything nice about that ridiculous imp, but he was right. (Don’t tell him I said that! It will go straight to his bulbous head!)

So, I set out to acquire a copy of George: A Gentleman of the road without doing any research first. Typically, I like to know what I’m getting into but when orders are given, one must jump. After some grumbling and a bit of whining, I put aside my baking and gardening to read.

George: A Gentleman of the Road is amazing!

Everyone should read about George. His life has been one that few people have the blessing to experience. He’s had his highs and his lows, but he also had love few find. George is truly an inspiring person!

It is said that you should never judge a book by its cover, yet the moment I laid eyes on George, that’s exactly what I did!

And as I watched the aged member of Manchester’s homeless fraternity, walking slowly along the street, hoping to collect enough spare change in his dirty and tattered polystyrene cup to fund his next meal, I couldn’t help but think to myself … How do I possibly avoid giving this scruffy looking man any of my hard earned cash?

But in an unexpected turn of events and a surreal series of meetings, the man I had quickly pre-judged, revealed his extraordinary life.

Funny, sad and heartwarmingly bizarre.

This is George’s story!


Little did I realize, this was not a work of fiction, but based on a homeless man of Manchester! What a privilege it must have been to hear this man’s life story. Good thing the witty tramp was able to see through the facade! Otherwise, P.A. Davies would not have written such a brilliant story and the world would never know George.

Win from P.A. Davies

P.A. Davies has written four other books, all with very different characters and plot lines. I’m sure they are written as fantastically as George, I will be acquiring them for my collection through MineEye.

Please take a moment to enter the contest to win A P.A. Davies E-Book box or a $20 Amazon voucher!

Kindle books without a Kindle?

An article popped up on MineEye News today by Kurt Chambers. It’s a true blast from the past, too! Kurt says you don’t need a Kindle to read Kindle books. Wait! How am I supposed to read them then? I’m confused.

There must be lots of keen readers out there that have been watching this new revolution where Kindle owners get to buy their books at a fraction of the cost of traditional books, but don’t own a Kindle or similar device themselves. Well, do not despair. All e-books that you see on sale are available in different formats, so that not only can you read them on any portable device, but also on your computer. And when you buy an e-book from whatever site, you can download that book as many times as you want and in any format. So if you buy a book today to read on your computer, and if you buy a Kindle, for example, in a month’s time, you can download the same book absolutely free of charge. Once you’ve bought it, it’s yours.

I’ve tested this for MineEye. IT’S TRUE! Sign into your account from whatever device you’d like to read on, click on my account and you will find a list of your purchased books! Simply choose the book you’d like to read, click it and the download box will appear.

Thank you, Kurt!

Truth Teller
How could ten-year-old Charlotte ever envisage that magic really existed. For her, the world of other realms belonged in children’s fairy tales—or so she thought—until she discovers a strange shopkeeper, which begins an adventure that will change her life forever.
When she finds herself lost and alone in a far away forest, she must embark on a journey where heart-stopping danger and real life monsters are real. However, a far greater threat shadows her every move. Even with the strengths and skills of her new companions, they cannot protect her against a ruthless druid assassin.
But in this realm, Charlotte is not the vulnerable little girl she thought she was.

Halloween Challenge

captureI must apologize. It’s been a long summer at Camp Lygarlis. With helping the Allred family move, I’ve been a little MIA. You have no idea how much work it is for a small elf such as myself to travel so far! And that United States. What a place it is. People there are so… You’re right. I shouldn’t comment. We have some great authors and followers in that land.

Well, Max and Toto are getting along fabulously and the Allred’s are almost settled into their new home so I’m all yours! I hear there have been quite a few new books added to Mine Eye While I’ve been gallivanting about so be sure to hop over and check those out!

Onto more important matters! It’s time for a giveaway!

Halloween is in the air so let’s capture that! We are looking for generous MineEye author’s to donate a digital copy of their book to be given away to one lucky winner! Simply email your copy to UrsulaLygarlis@gmail.com by October 7. Include BookGiveaway in the subject line! Once the contest has been created, you will receive a link to share! Let’s build traffic through MineEye and sell some books!!!

And for a little incentive, any author willing to donate to the Halloween giveaway will be put on the top of the list for a feature on UrsulaLygalis.wordpress.com! That includes and author interview, a review of one of your books and a whole lot of free publicity! Email me a kindle copy of your book and I will get your limelight lit!

Visit MineEye

I’m baaaaack

What a fantastic week!!! I know. I probably should have told my wonderful friends and followers I was planning to dissapear for a few days, but it just happened so fast. Who can blame me? I jumineeyeadst got all wrapped up in the excitement of it all! And with such a wonderful friend to go with!

The sand and the water. Oh and don’t forget the sky. It was just all so breathtaking. And fluttering down the beach with Maximus running ahead. Ah, the time we had.

Anyway, I am back now and while it is fantastic to reminisce, we have some very important things brewing over at MineEye. New authors are joining us by the hoards! I was gone so long, I don’t even recognize most of the books on the featured page!! Look at this image! That is ten of the hundred and two books now added to the site! So many new faces and names stretching across countless genres! Take a few minutes and check it out! Simply click the MineEye Shop button at the top of the page!

And competitions and giveaways a plenty!

We are still running our #MineEyeChallenge where authors fill in the bingo card. The prizes there are phenomenal, and I promise not to disappear while working on the prize for the lucky winner!

We have also set up our monthly reader appreciation giveway via rafflecopter. The prize for that is a £20 Amazon voucher. Simply follow the link in red and do as it asks! Easy as that!

As always, Happy Reading and stay in touch!






MineEye Challenge, extra

How about an extra entry into the MineEye Challenge???? Let me remind you what your playing for:

  • a week as the number one featured book on MineEye. That means as our wizard adds books, they will be slid in behind the featured book each time leaving the winner as the first seen book in the webstore for seven days.
  • a week as the featured author on UrsulaLygarlis. That means, I will build at least three blog posts around the winning author and their works to be published in that seven day period. Most likely, that will include an author interview, a book review and an excerpt from your publication.
  • My personal assistance in creating your media pack. A proper media pack should include prewritten media posts for at least Twitter and Facebook, a basic author interview, promotional images and a list of retailers.

Sound good?


Well, the extra entry is super easy. Just find which “clue” your book fits on the bingo card below and share it! Tag @ursulalygarlis #mineeyechallenge. Also, a link to the book on MineEye would be helpful! In a week, I will use these links to create a MineEye Bingo entry.

Q: Can I enter for each book that fits a category?

Q: What if my book fits more than one “clue”?
A: You may share as many clues as you’d like, however, you will only receive one entry per literary work. That being said, the more clues the book fits, the easier it will be to feature on the bingo card.


MineEye Challenge


I could not be happier with the response I am seeing to this month’s MineEye Challenge. I love seeing authors set aside their work for a few minutes to fill in the bingo card! Please, take a minute to look through a few of the #MineEyeChallenge posts and share your fellow Indie Authors.

I would like to take a minute to answer a few of the questions I have seen come through my email, ursulalygarlis@gmail.com, about the challenge.

Q: How long will we be able to enter the challenge?
A: Each author challenge will run for a month. This will not be a calendar month but mid-month to mid-month opposite the monthly MineEye £20 Amazon vouche
Capturechar giveaway. Therefore, the last day to enter the February MineEyeChallenge is March 15.

Q: How often can I enter?
A: One entry per day per social media platform. Just be sure you email me the links so I can throw your name in the hat.

Q: Can authors outside MineEye participate?
A: Of course! The more the merrier. I only ask that authors who are not currently part of MineEye take a look at the website and consider a subscription as this challenge has been created with the promotion of MineEye in mind. 

Q: Will you please provide and editable version of the bingo card?
A: Because I made the bingo card in PhotoShop, I decided to make a blank card in Word where the boxes could be filled in. It is not nearly as pretty as the original, but it will do the trick! editable bingo card (.docx) 



There is still plenty of time to enter! Fill in the card, post it to your social media accounts using #MineEyeChallenge and tag @UrsulaLygarlis. Then email me your links! UrsulaLygarlis@gmail.com.

Download your card!



Author’s Challenge

We’ve decided that it is time to do a proper Author Challenge at MineEye. We run giveaways to bring in readers. We run ads to promote books. We even prowl the internet for new authors to join our team. Now, it’s time to grab you, the author, by your… mouse pad and drag you into the fun.

No challenge is worthwhile without a healthy prize, right? We have discussed and considered and the team has decided. It is actually a multi-part prize. The winner will receive:

  • a week as the number one featured book on MineEye. That means as our wizard adds books, they will be slid in behind the featured book each time leaving the winner as the first seen book in the webstore for seven days.
  • a week as the featured author on UrsulaLygarlis. That means, I will build at least three blog posts around the winning author and their works to be published in that seven day period. Most likely, that will include an author interview, a book review and an excerpt from your publication.
  • My personal assistance in creating your media pack. A proper media pack should include prewritten media posts for at least Twitter and Facebook, a basic author interview, promotional images and a list of retailers.

ee30b78aa99964af3b544dd36f398c0eAre you still with me? Oh Goodie!

Every good author knows that to write well, you must read… A LOT! So, the theme of this author’s challenge is reading. I know you may view that as being a little backwards, but readers appreciate a well read author.

So here is your portion of this challenge. Using the card provided below, fill in the boxes to make a bingo. Think of it as a reading challenge. Each bingo square has a bookish clue. You are to pick a book that you have read to match that clue. For example, if the clue said a book with magic, I would fill that square with Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone by JK Rowling.

How you choose to do so is totally up to you! Be creative! Once this has been done, post the image to your social media accounts using #MineEyeChallenge. Twitter. Facebook. Instagram.  Even the blogs you manage. Then copy and past the links either into an email to UrsulaLygarlis@gmail.com or the comment box below. Be sure to tag @UrsulaLygarlis on Twitter and Google+. At the end of the challenge, our little Book End over at Book Attic will choose a name at random.

*Each posting will be worth one entry. Limited to one entry per social media platform a day.

Downloadable Bingo Card


Victoria Allred

I have been chasing Victoria Allred across the internet and back to get an interview. The problem is the woman is entirely too busy and my little feet are tired of running! I did get her to answer a few questions and agree to release some writing! And even better, it is a piece that you may not get a chance to see anywhere else.

OH MY! I have just realized something! I can honestly say I’ve got an exclusive with the writer herself. And exclusive with the elusive Victoria Allred, author of Taken!

Short and sweet, the questions.

Ursula: I hear you have spent six years working on Taken. That seems excessive, does it not?
Victoria: Ursula, you have no idea! I guess you can say I’m a bit of a perfectionist. Every time I look at it, I find something wrong that just has to be fixed and it has a bit of a snowball effect. I may actually be on my final edit this time.

Ursula: I think we all have an OCD side. When you do finally finish, will we see more things to come from you?
Victoria: That’s a loaded question right there! Taken is the first of three books in the Lost and Found Trilogy, so there will be roughly twelve more years of writing there if my current project is an indication. I also have an abundance of started and tossed stories hidden in the hard drive of my computer. Maybe one will resurface. Who knows?

Ursula: Well, thank you Victoria for standing still for a mere three minutes. Thank you!
Victoria: No thank you! <Waves and disappears into the mist.>

To download Taken visit MineEye.

Victoria sent this deleted section of Taken over before she disconnected completely from society. Happy Reading, as she would say!


November 15, 2002

Silence met Emily after an overly stressful Friday at New York City’s most prominent bank. The scent of vanilla crème candles melted away the horrors she’d seen in the last twelve hours. Little did she know, other people’s money would never again be her biggest problem. Continue reading “Victoria Allred”

Win £20 Amazon Voucher

a Rafflecopter giveaway


Yes, you heard right! Our MineEye masters have given me permission to offer another £20 Amazon Voucher to one lucky winner! Could it be more fabulous? I must apologize that this month we are raffling away cold hard- virtual- cash and no books. That just means you will have to enter this month, use your money and check back next month to see what books we’ve included!

If you are interested in perusing our current free offers, click here!